September 15, 2010


We managed to grow one melon. The nights have been getting really cold, so I thought I would pick the melon. I read that I should wait until the nearest leaf turns yellow, and I think it almost was. The melon wasn't totally ripe, but it was tastey!

The garden is nearly done now. The lettuce I planted (as per a fellow NS gardener) haven't poked up yet, so Im not sure Ill get anything from those.

Our little one checking to see if she got dirt in the hose!

Our potatoes! The seaweed was a complete failure. Not one useable potato. Must have been too salty. The potted potatoes produced a bunch of small potatoes, but the ones I planted in the bed outside our front window produced 3 monstrous potatoes. I can hardly believe it! We cooked them right up and they tasted delicious. The mashed potatoes we made from them was much creamier than we have ever had before. Nothing like fresh produce. We have more tomatoes than we know what to do with.

Overall an awesome gardening year.