June 28, 2010


This tomato plant is growing like mad. I think It has nearly doubled in size since the last update.
The potatoes are growing well. As you can see below, the ones planted in dirt have grown larger and faster than the ones planted in the seaweed. Probably time to hill these potted ones.
Not sure how to "hill" these ones. I guess we'll see what happens. The main problem with the seaweed is keeping them hydrated. The seaweed dries very quickly.
The sunflowers are really growing big now. The only problem is they seem to have attracted a ton of black aphids. Ugh, they are easy to squash, but annoying anyway. The ants are going wild with the aphids, but I believe they are just "herding" them. The aphids secrete a sweet liquid that the ants love, so they hang around them. I need some lady bugs.
Caught in the act. I sprayed the whole garden the other day with a garlic water mix and that seems to have lessened the aphid population. They were going to town on the sweet little lettuce plants, and had made their way to the tomato plants too. I couldn't let that happen!
This batch of radishes grew quicker and fatter than the first ones. They still taste great though!
The beets are comming along.
Basil is getting very leafy. We ate some of the lime basil the other day, very nice.
The kale is very pretty, but Im not sure when to harvest it. Perhaps now?

An overview of how green the garden is comming along.

The pole beans are climbing! I wonder if they are too small for this time of the year. I read that they don't like the summer heat, so perhaps I planted them too late, or didn't have enough nitrogren fixing bacteria in the soil.

June 19, 2010

Garden Update

The potato's are growing! I thought all was lost. But since I took this photo they have really taken off. I think this seaweed lasagna might actually work. It seems like only the bottom row of potatos are growing, but I think we will learn lots from this attempt.

Mint! My favorite weed! It is getting a bit annoying, but it is seriously delicious to pick.

Blueberry plant is prolific this year.

Asparagus (bush?) is  growing nice and tall. I wonder if we'll get to eat any next year.
The potted potato's have grown much faster than the seaweed ones. I think dirt is the way to go, but I will reserve my final judgement for later in the season.

The lettuces have taken off. We are regularly eating from this area now. You can see the radishes are all gone, but there is a new crop growing!

Another seaweed lasagna producing.

The basil is in. I think I want more plants next year. We will see. I love the lime  and lemon basil, how crazy is that! The thai basil is great too!
Beets, Sunflowers, radishes and onions. All doing very very well. They are much bigger since I took this picture as we have had some really sunny warm days this week.

An overview of our little garden. Its getting very green. Lots of comments from the neighbours now!

This tomato plant has grown immensly in just a few weeks. Its a black cherry tomato I think. I posted a picture right after I planted it on here and its amazing how small it was then!  You hardly notice the changes when you look at them every day.

June 11, 2010

Why I bother. (He loved it by the way)

How I do it!

One of our last bunches of radishes from the first batch. I will grow more next year, we really loved these!

The Icicle radishes didn't work out so well. Im not sure if it was the soil, or the conditions, but they didn't plump up like they were supposed to and they got very fibrous. The plants grew like mad and even started bolting! I took them all out the other day because they were really covering the carrots. I wouldn't recommend marking your rows with radishes, at least not in a square foot garden. They really take up too much space.

All of the plants are basically in now. I keep thining I might be able to fit a little bit more, but I guess thats the gardeners addiction. The plants that are in are doing ok. The cuc's I planted are not, but my lemon cucumber transplants are still inside. im going to wait until its really warm before putting them out. I hope they work!

I will post an updated pic of the garden this weekend. Its really starting to fill in. The beets/sunflowers are growing well. My lettuce patch too!

Lots of neighbors stopping by now. We have a popular street to walk on, so I sometimes watch out the window as people walk by, look, look again, look again and stop, and then smile and walk on. Ha!

On our nightly walk the other day I noticed that a recently bought house now has a small (3x12) veggie garden. Im always on the look out for fellow veggie gardeners. One of the neighbors down the street took up all the grass in her front lawn, I thought for sure she was going to put in a raised veggie bed, alas, no, more grass. Boooo!