August 20, 2010


Beefsteak Toms!


Sunflower seeds!

More seeds to come!

WE GOT A MELON!! Its about twice as big now.

This is a daily haul now. Notice the black cherry toms, and the black krim. We also have been successful with the lemon cucumber seeds I started indoors. They taste just like regular cucumbers, but they certainly look like lemons!

The garden is starting to look a little sad now. The peas, radishes, lettuce, kale, beets and onions are all done now. Just the cuc's, peppers, toms and sunflowers that are producing. There are bare patches and since I haven't evolved into 'winter' gardening yet, it is going to stay that way. My plan is to take down the PVC frame and perhaps this fall I will plant some garlic and onions for the spring.


  1. Are you sure you don't want to throw on a packet of lettuce/mache/mustard if you have the free space? doing that tomorrow and hoping to get some greens later, fingers crossed. I found out last year, that Kale is a biennial, and this spring, because I left the stalk, we had a really early salad of sweet green baby kale leaves (see my blog in spring). Your tomatoes look great!

  2. I took your advice and planted some lettuce seeds. Lets see what happens!

    Thanks for the comment!